Winter Wonderland at The Shredder

February 24, 2022

the story

This was one of the most significant shows we’ve ever played. Not because of anything we did, by that metric it was pretty normal. The part that was significant was that one of our favorite bands, Naked Giants, showed up to see us. They happened to be playing in town that same night, and we convinced them to stop by before they played. We ended up playing a cover of their song Turns Blue and a teaser of their song Green Fuzz. It was surreal to see them in the crowd dancing to us playing their songs. Really an incredible moment we’re all going to remember forever. Thanks Grant and Henry. Gianni couldn’t make it, but we thank him too anyway. He shouted us out and wore our merch on stage later that night.

Speaking of merch, we had merch for the first time. We finally found a T-shirt design we all liked, which was something we had been trying to do for almost a year at that point. Plus, we were finally able to sell some of our stickers too. It was really cool to be able to say “we have merch over there” on stage.

This was also the first time we played a medley of our own songs. We didn’t have enough time to play both Help Me Doctor!! and Marauder, but Ashleigh had the idea to mix them together instead. Probably something we’ll do some more in the future.

Another notable part of this show was that apparently the booking company who booked the show was a massive scam. We still got a good show and merch sales out of it, but apparently it was pretty messy behind the scenes. Crazy to hear about after the show.


  1. Help Me Doctor/Marauder medley (with Marauder extended bridge)
  2. Turns Blue (Naked Giants cover)
  3. Fuzz interlude
  4. Branches in the Sea (Pariah) (Naked Giants’ Green Fuzz outro)
  5. January
  6. Apocalypse Hill (with DC riffs outro)
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