Live At The Hive – 12/4/21

December 4, 2021

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The Revival Arc

This is one of our best shows so far. We came back after almost two years off the stage, played infinitely better than anytime beforehand, and debuted three new songs off the EP. Plus, this was the first show after David got his tonsils out and learned how to actually sing. This is definitely gonna go down as a very significant show for us, since it was probably the single biggest improvement we’ve ever had between two shows. It’s also the first show that we were really fully prepared for.

We were REALLY excited to play the new EP songs live, and super interested to see which ones would work in a live setting. We came to the conclusion that January rips, and people seemed to like it a lot. We brought someone up on stage to play tambourine for that one, and we plan to make this a semi-regular thing. It was lots of fun and we love sharing the stage with other people.

An unexpected favorite was Branches in the Sea (Pariah). Somehow, people found a way to mosh to that song, which was a huge surprise to us. David remembers saying before the show that he wouldn’t be upset if they never played it again, but it ended up being really cool. We’ll be playing that one some more. Plus David really likes that song.

This was also the first show we had professionally recorded, which was really cool. Hearing ourselves play live in good audio quality is super helpful when looking at how we can improve. It was a big step up for the Hive too, which we loved to see.

We also played a cover of Goin’ Against Your Mind by Built to Spill to close out the show, which was a ton of fun. Keegan isn’t a Built to Spill fan and barely even knew the song, but did a great job regardless and ended the show with a bang.

Perhaps the most notable part of the show is that both Keegan and David were recovering from being super sick that week. It wasn’t covid, they both tested multiple times. But whatever it was, it messed with their voices pretty bad and they were just BARELY able to make it through the show. It was honestly a miracle that they were able to sing at all. David’s voice cracked a few times, which was embarrassing. But other than that, great show.


  1. Help Me Doctor!!
  2. Marauder (with extended bridge)
  3. Turns Blue (with band introductions)
  4. Fuzz interlude
  5. Branches in the Sea (Pariah)
  6. January (with tambourine bridge)
  7. Apocalypse Hill (with bass solo and DC riffs outro)
  8. Goin’ Against Your Mind (Built to Spill cover)
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