Acoustic Benefit for Suicide Prevention

March 13, 2020

the story

This was an event organized by our good friend Cam Elgart (The Phets, Crush The Monster) to raise awareness for suicide prevention in Idaho. The event was held in honor of Caden Ravlin, a fellow Boise musician who had committed suicide just a few weeks beforehand. We played our first show at the Hive with Caden, and remember him telling us we did a great job. It meant a lot to us coming from another musician who we had played with.

There were lots of other bands playing that night, including some of our favorite local artists. We played a three-song acoustic set of two covers and one original to what was probably our biggest audience ever. The Regal Beaver was packed with people there to support the cause, and it ended up being one of our fondest music-related memories ever. This was also the first time we ever had an audience take out their phone lights, which you can see made David cry in the video of them playing. It was one of the most powerful moments we’ve experienced as a band. And it was during the original, no less.

Later that night, David got up on stage to play a cover of Caden’s song “Babe I Know” with members of some other bands that played that night. It was a big moment for David and a fantastic way to end the night for everybody.

Also, David’s acoustic guitar ran out of battery right before the show and we all scrambled to figure out how to connect it to the PA system. Luckily, Cam came through with a portable pickup. What a great guy. Love you buddy.


  1. Island in the Sun (Weezer cover)
  2. Stay On Path
  3. Float On (Modest Mouse cover)
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other acts

Nearly every band in Boise!