Friday the 13th at The Shredder

March 13, 2020

the story

Okay, this was our first GOOD good show. We really focused up on our performance and stage presence, which was really big for us. We played the songs relatively well and people had a good time. It was sort of like building on what we started at the Hive show the week before. The vocals still weren’t good at this point – that didn’t happen until 2021 – but other than that, we all remember this show fondly.

Just a few minutes before going on stage, we got a big reality check. David got an email that everybody was getting kicked out of the dorms at Boise State (including him) because of Covid. This was the first time it really felt like the pandemic was HERE. We all got on stage a little shaken up from that, but somehow managed to play the show well. David remembers being paranoid about using the same mic the band before him used, because at that time we really didn’t know much about how Covid worked.

Unfortunately we got cut short at this show. The dude running the show had never run a show before, and was stressed about staying on time. Even though we were under time, he cut us off because the band before us went over time. Nothing against the guy though, he seemed cool. Sorry you had to run a show with that many bands for your first time man.

All Ryan remembers of this is getting roasted by the sound tech for not having a porthole in his kick drum. Keegan also got off the stage into the crowd, which wasn’t even scripted. Nice job Keegan. We also brought balloons.


  1. Apocalypse Hill
  2. Keegan Time interlude
  3. Marauder
  4. The Fog Salesman (Ashamed outro)
  5. Stay On Path

And we were gonna play House of the Rising Sun too but got cut off lol

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other acts

Town of Trees



Through the Never

Porchlight Stereo

The Boredom Corporation