Live At The Hive – 3/7/20

March 7, 2020

the story

This was our first good show. We finally figured out the power of building a good setlist, and used transitions and outros for the first time. That’s become a staple of our shows now and one of our favorite tricks to use. It was also our longest set yet, at 40 minutes. We debuted Apocalypse Hill at this show, which was at the time our newest song.

David and Ashleigh also performed a tribute to Caden Ravlin, a local musician we played our first show with who sadly committed suicide the week before. We were approached by Caden’s parents after the show who thanked us, which was a very powerful moment for all of us.

We all remember this show the least, since just a week later we played two more shows that were really big for us. It kind of falls between the cracks when we talk about our history, but it really was an important show for us. David thinks this was the first time the crowd all genuinely enjoyed watching us play, which was a big step for us.

Ryan and David rewatched the video of this show before writing this, and decided it was also cringe.


  1. Apocalypse Hill (King Gizzard’s People-Vultures intro)
  2. Keegan Time interlude
  3. Marauder
  4. Where Is My Mind? (Pixies cover)
  5. The Fog Salesman (Ashamed outro)
  6. Stay on Path
  7. Ryan drum solo
  8. House of the Rising Sun medley
    1. Mess Around (Cage the Elephant cover)
    2. Come A Little Closer (Cage the Elephant cover)
    3. Cold Cold Cold (Cage the Elephant cover)

other acts

Kamryn Swenson

The Alisha Peru Band