Treefort Music Fest 2022

March 26, 2022

the story

The big one!

Playing Treefort has been a dream for us ever since the band started, and this was the first year we were good enough to do it. We didn’t really think we were going to get in, but lo and behold, we got an email that we were accepted. You should’ve seen us freaking out about it in the group chat.

We played at Mad Swede Brew Hall, a venue without a stage. Since we were on the same floor as everybody else, it was easy to walk out into the crowd mid-song. Keegan and David did that a lot, and had a ton of fun with it. We debuted Dinner At Barkham’s, which was a new song we’d cranked out pretty quickly right before the show. Go check out the Songs page if you want to learn more about that one, it’s David and Ash’s favorite.

The performance went really well. We all felt like we had our best performances there, both in terms of musicality and working the crowd. We spent a lot of time working on small details in the choreography or additional pieces to add to the songs, which made it a total blast to play. There were some sound issues, though. The sound guy there was new at his job, so there were some spots of feedback and David’s guitar was a little quiet at the beginning. But hey, it happens. No disrespect to the sound guy, he was really nice.

The band that came on after us, Bombshell Nightlight, was really nice. Everybody should go check them out, they were really neat people.

We got a lot of great feedback from this show. Lots of people we had never seen before were there, and they told us we did a really great job. It was so so so cool to hear that from people who really meant it and didn’t have any attachment to any of the members of the band. We always appreciate any feedback from our shows, it helps us improve and put on something really special.

Another new thing we did at this show was a guitar solo battle in the bridge of Apocalypse Hill. We think this is gonna be a mainstay of the set from now on, it was just so much fun. David wanted to try using Ryan’s drumstick to play the guitar, but we didn’t have enough time in the set to pull it off. Maybe next time.

Overall, this show was a TON of fun. Everybody had a great time, and we all walked away feeling really good about our performance. Plus, we officially sold out of Large shirts. It might not seem like much, but that was a big milestone and a reminder that people DO care about us. Thanks everybody.

Ryan messed up a couple times though. Two strikes now, one more and he’s out.


Dinner at Barkham’s (with Keegan Time outro)

Marauder (with extended bridge)

Help Me Doctor!! (with Pixies’ “Caribou” outro)

Turns Blue (Naked Giants cover) (with band introductions)

Branches in the Sea (Pariah) (with fuzz intro and Naked Giants’ “Green Fuzz” outro)

January (featuring Evan Zurilgen on tambourine)

Apocalypse Hill (with guitar solo battle bridge and DC riffs outro)

Pulse - Downcoast (Valles)-12 (1)

other acts

Bombshell Nightlight

Coral Grief