Pulsefest 2022

April 9, 2022

the story

Our first outdoor show!

This was one we were really looking forward to. Our friend Preston at University Pulse contacted us asking if we would be interested in playing a show during Bronco Day at Boise State University with Neocentrics and VEMM, and obviously we had to say yes. This was a much more relaxed show and just a really great vibe.

We played at the Centennial Amphitheatre out by the Boise River, and lots of people we didn’t know showed up to see us. It was a blast playing on such a huge stage, since we were able to run around to our heart’s content. It was also really sunny and shining directly into our faces so we could barely see our pedals haha.

We played Dinner at Barkham’s for the second time and did a lot better on it. It’s really fun to see people’s reactions to that song, especially when the metal part comes up. We also got to play our cover of Goin’ Against Your Mind by Built to Spill, which is one of David and Ash’s favorites. Also, during the guitar battle bridge of Apocalypse Hill, David decided to grab one of Ryan’s sticks and use that to play guitar. It was really fun, and we can see us doing that a lot from now on.

It was also super fun to play a show with Neocentrics and VEMM, two of our favorite local bands. We’ve been wanting to play with them for a long time now. Go check them out, both bands are fantastic.


Dinner at Barkham’s (with Keegan Time outro)

Marauder (with extended bridge)

Help Me Doctor!! (with Pixies’ “Caribou” outro)

Turns Blue (Naked Giants cover) (with band introductions)

Branches in the Sea (Pariah) (with fuzz intro and Naked Giants’ “Green Fuzz” outro)

January (featuring Preston Valles on tambourine)

Apocalypse Hill (with guitar solo battle bridge and DC riffs outro)

Goin’ Against Your Mind (Built to Spill cover)


other acts