Greenbelt Bash

May 1, 2022

the story

This show was put together by our friend Ty from Plantonic. Thanks to Ty for hosting us!!

First things first, the sound. Since this was more of a DIY show, we didn’t have the best sound system available to us. That means no monitors. None of us could really hear what was going on with our instruments or vocals, so it was MUCH harder to put on a performance as clean as our usual ones. Keegan and David couldn’t hear their vocals at all, so it was tough to tell if they were in tune. But overall, we did pretty well given the limitations. It was also a great learning experience for us, since we hadn’t played a DIY show like this since Rocky’s Got Talent. Our buddy Mike from VEMM was doing the sound for the show, and given the limitations he also did a great job. Thanks Mike!!

We debuted our cover of Japanese Buffalo by Cage the Elephant at this show. That’s a song Keegan has been trying to get us to play for a long time, and we finally did it this time. Since we couldn’t hear ourselves and it was the newest song, naturally it was a little rough. But hey, the song has a punky vibe anyways. We all really enjoy playing that one, and David is happy he gets to do some screaming vocals.

By the way, another good friend of ours, Evan from Neocentrics, came up and played the set with us. We decided just a few minutes before the show that since Evan already knew how to play most of the songs on the EP (which was so cool to hear!), he might as well come up and jam with us. He did a great job, and it was a really fun experience to have someone else up there with us.

Overall, while this wasn’t our best show, we had a ton of fun playing this one and it was a great vibe. Plus the issues we had weren’t really anybody’s fault. Good times!!!


Dinner at Barkham’s

Marauder (with extended bridge)

Japanese Buffalo (Cage the Elephant cover) (with extended solos outro)

Help Me Doctor!!

Branches in the Sea (Pariah) (with fuzz intro and Naked Giants’ “Green Fuzz” outro)


Apocalypse Hill (with guitar solo battle bridge and DC riffs outro)

(valles) Downcoast 22 (1)

other acts


Switch Full Lotus