Live At The Hive – 11/23/19

November 23, 2019

the story

This was our first real show. We practiced relentlessly for this, something like 4 times just in the week leading up to it.

We all remember being really surprised and excited with the turnout for the show. We didn’t expect a ton of people to come, but a lot of our friends ended up showing up to see us. David remembers the sound engineer coming up after the show to say that this was their biggest turnout in months. It was such a fun performance, but we were all absolutely terrified to go on stage.

The highlight of the night was our closing song, a cover of House of the Rising Sun with some Weezer songs interspersed throughout. We got the idea from seeing Naked Giants live, where they did something similar with their song Twist. We ended up doing this medley two more times, and it was really fun both times. David kind of wishes we would play it again sometime.

David remembers his voice cracking REALLY bad at the beginning of Where Is My Mind. Luckily it’s never done that since, but it still haunts him at night.

After the show, we all went to a diner with our friends. It was amazing to see so much support for us, even when we were pretty bad. This show wasn’t that great, by the way.

“Did I drop a stick? Probably” -Ryan Deloria


  1. Shorthand
  2. The Fog Salesman
  3. Where Is My Mind (Pixies cover) – Ashamed outro
  4. Marauder
  5. Stay on Path
  6. House of the Rising Sun medley
    1. Pork and Beans (Weezer cover)
    2. Island in the Sun (Weezer cover)
    3. Undone – The Sweater Song (Weezer cover)

other acts

Caden Ravlin (R.I.P)