David’s Grad Party

May 28, 2019

the story

This performance was cringe.

We decided to play some songs for David’s graduation party in his backyard. Our fatal mistake was using the acoustic drum set instead of the electric one, and it was ridiculously loud. Honestly we don’t really wanna talk about this one.


Electric Set

  1. Shorthand
  2. Regular Guy (Naked Giants cover)
  3. The Fog Salesman
  4. Don’t Let Go (Weezer cover)
  5. Where Is My Mind (Pixies cover)

Acoustic Set

  1. Shorthand
  2. Back in the USSR (Beatles cover)
  3. Island in the Sun (Weezer cover)
Screenshot_20190528-173931 (1)

other acts

Keegan’s friend Nate played Back in the USSR with us. Thanks Nate