Rocky’s Got Talent

March 13, 2019

the story

“I remember playing Shorthand badly and not being able to see anything.” -Ryan Deloria

This was our first ever performance in front of a crowd, for our high school talent show. We were originally going to play The Fog Salesman, but realized we were bad at that one. We also decided the crowd would like Shorthand better, but it seems The Fog Salesman has kind of become a favorite among some of our fans anyway.

We didn’t have any monitors for this performance, and we were playing straight out of our amps. Poor Ashleigh had to play bass out of a guitar amp, because our bass amp was too quiet. David and Keegan couldn’t hear their voices at all, and it’s honestly a miracle that they were able to stay mostly in tune. The lights were also pointed directly at us, so we couldn’t see the audience at all.

We messed up really bad in the first verse, but recovered pretty quickly and walked away feeling like we did a pretty good job. After the show, the stage got raided by our friends, which was really cool.

We won second place, by the way.


  1. Shorthand
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other acts

Whoever else was at the talent show lol