Live at Realms – 5/27/24

May 27, 2024

the story

Featured image is our boy Wyatt!

This one was particularly fun – one of our smallest shows ever.

We knew this one would be smaller, since we had just played the same venue like 2 weeks before. So we planned to just kind of have fun with it.

Not our best performance ever, but that was kind of the point????? We focused on having a good time and trying out new stuff on the spot instead.

Some examples:

  • David did more noisy, wacko solos the whole show instead of the usual ones
  • Keegan went goofy more than usual
  • We played an encore of Seven and Seven Is (our first encore)

We played with an INCREDIBLE band called Pure Hex at this show. They blew everyone away. One of our absolute faves we’ve played with. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Anyway – our performance was messy and chaotic, but it was fun to get back into that again.

We also had our good friend Wyatt come up and play January with us on the keys. He killed it of course.


Aaahh!! Real Serpents

Dinner at Barkham’s

Here, There, and Back Again

Trophy Gallery (Super Smash Bros Brawl cover)

Duet with a Robot

January (with Wyatt!)

Apocalypse Hill (with “Electric Funeral” and “Welcome to Hell” outro)

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other acts

Pure Hex

The Other Room There