Live at Realms – 5/16/24

May 16, 2024

the story

Our first show at Realms!

This is a super fun place to play. Fits our vibe perfectly. They’ve already got the CRTs on stage and everything. Tanner totally stole that idea from us, for the record.

At this show, we debuted our cover of “Trophy Gallery” from the Super Smash Bros Brawl soundtrack. A few people in the crowd noticed what it was, which was fun. Video game covers are one of our faves.

BUT THAT PALES IN COMPARISON TO THE BIGGEST PART OF THIS SHOW: Doug Martsch (the guy from Built to Spill) was there!

Downcoast wouldn’t exist without Doug, and neither would half the other bands in Boise. A genuine living legend, and he was at our show. Unreal. He came up to us afterwards to say he really enjoyed it. Maybe the coolest thing that’s ever happened to us. We’re so, so grateful to Doug.

The other most notable part of this show is who we were playing with – Loolowningen and the Far East Idiots. One of the best bands we’ve ever played with! They were unbelievable and blew us out of the water.

Keegan in particular had a huge smile on his face the whole time they were playing. Definitely Keegan core music.

Seriously, go check them out. They came all the way from Tokyo, and we hope they come back.

After the show, David tried to say hi to their drummer and spilled water all over the floor and missed his dap instead. Super embarrassing but we take those.

Big Kisses was also on the bill – super, super fun show. Ska/punk stuff. We’re kinda jealous of bands that play that kind of music, since it always gets the crowd going more than our style of music.

Cool show anyways!


Aaahh!! Real Serpents

Punchlust Singalong

Dinner at Barkham’s

Trophy Gallery (Super Smash Bros Brawl cover)

Duet with a Robot


January (with Everest and Sebastian on the tambourine)

Apocalypse Hill (with “Electric Funeral” and “Welcome to Hell” outro)

Realms 5 16 24

other acts

Loolowningen and the Far East Idiots

Big Kisses