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the story

This is probably the worst song David ever wrote, and also the worst demo David ever made. Ryan and David remember briefly working on this together one night just the two of them years ago, but they never got that far. It was a pop song with a piano opening and closing. Ultimately, the whole thing just didn’t fit well together and sounded like a mess. David almost didn’t want it on the archive because it’s really embarrassing.

The song was inspired by New Born by Muse, with the piano opening and heavy riff after that. The verse has a pretty similar vibe to the New Born verses as well. Ryan was actually the one who came up with the guitar motif for the bridge section (“maybe I won’t use it…”). He had just learned what bar chords were and tried playing one while keeping the bottom two strings open. David thought it was cool and based that section around that idea. You can hear David struggling to hit those vocal notes in the demo too. Yikes.

Keegan helped write the lyrics for this one back in the day. He and David were pretty proud of them when they finished. David remembers he was on his last frayed guitar cable when recording the piano for this demo, so that’s why the piano cuts in and out a bit. As far as he remembers, this is the first demo he played drums on too. (Not true)

This song gets lumped in with All Good Things and Closer/Further as some early David attempts to write a pop song that didn’t quite work out. We think it was meant to be track 5 on the original version of the EP. We never played it together.

“I don’t wanna talk about that one” -David Bridgeman


People come and go on stilts that haven’t been even built yet
Sitting on the subway, waiting for something to happen
I drink my carbonated beverage, but I start to notice the
Fizz has reduced in a less excitable fashion

Kiss the moon for me
Because you know that the sun has become
Much too easy to reach
We want it for free
Houses will trade hands, now why wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve got a passport

Someday I will use it

Sometimes I wonder, if my passport is worth anything
If my visa hasn’t been renewed in a long long time
Do you think these stop lights really have all that much
Power over what I can or can not do?

Maybe I won’t do something
Maybe I can’t do something


This is a recording of David and Ryan playing the bridge to the song shortly after coming up with it in December 2018.

And the prized piece of the Downcoast collection, the infamous David demo of Passport. The worst demo of the worst song. Enjoy.

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