a Scrapped track


the story

This song isn’t THAT bad. It was a pretty early one for David, maybe the 7th song he ever wrote? He remembers coming up with parts of it while he and his family were at a lake with other people, and rushing away to whisper-record it into his phone. This must have been written in mid-to-late-2017, because the guitar in the middle section was inspired by the then-newly released “I Promise” from Radiohead’s OKNOTOK. It was also inspired by The Beatles’ Happiness is A Warm Gun in that it goes through multiple unrelated sections. Just not quite as well.

David and Keegan listened to the demo of this one in the car while driving to David’s house for practice one time. Keegan remembers thinking it was just okay. This was probably around early 2019 or so. We never ended up playing it together.

This was written when David was obsessed with tremolo guitar after learning the proper technique to play it. It also ripped the chord progression from Muse’s “Bliss.” David doesn’t think it was intentional, but who knows.

At this point, the band is totally over this era of pop songs and almost certainly will never touch this one again. That said, it does have some pretty neat guitar in there. If another, better band were to have written it maybe it could have been cool.


How many facelifts
Have we given to our mattresses
To decorate where we sleep
As our home away from home
All the water droplets
They collect in our compostables
Our gutters and downspouts are full
Of the people that we care about
I am glowing with the brightest light now
I am flying off the cliffs up high now
And oh, we’re closer now
Further now
We can make it if we run


The only surviving demo and recording of anything related to this song.

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Nope. Never even played by the band.