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Hoooo boy, this is the big one.

We’ve been working on this song since late 2019, around the time of our first show at The Hive. It started out as a really barebones idea for a prog rock song, and kept morphing over time to ultimately become a very different song. It’s the song we’re currently most proud of, since it’s taken us an obscene amount of time to write it. David came to practice one day with an idea for a longer prog rock song based on a chord progression he had written the night before at his dorm. Coincidentally, the people below him filed a noise complaint about his guitar being too loud. Sorry guys.

The only surviving part of the original song is the chorus, really. Most everything else was either totally changed or newly added. We especially agonized over the chugging part in the intro, it took us forever to figure out what to put there. That part also has some weird time signature things that were unintentional. As of right now, the song is about 9 minutes long, by far our longest track. We don’t think we’re going to turn into a prog rock band and do more longer songs, but every once in a while it’s fun to write something like this.

We think someday this would make a good opener or penultimate track in a hypothetical album. Whenever we make one, it’ll probably end up on it.

This is Keegan’s favorite.


(not complete yet)


No demos for this song yet. Sorry 🙁

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We haven’t played this live yet. We considered playing it at Treefort, but decided it wasn’t a “festival” type song. We’re DYING to play it, though. It’s just been too long in the oven.