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the story

This song was written during the height of the pandemic. David had just gotten a new vintage Boss multi-effects pedal and a Boss SY-1, and was obsessed with testing out all the settings on them. Eventually, he found a heavy synth preset he loved and decided to write a song around it.

Having just written Branches in the Sea (Pariah), he wanted to go in the opposite direction and write something simpler. Hence the A major-E major chord progression. Maybe it’s our first song in a major key? We don’t know how keys work. Maybe it is. It’s a really simple song, and definitely our first “chill” track. It’s inspired by songs like The Youth by MGMT and Turns Blue by Naked Giants.

The part that we’re having trouble with right now is the bridge. This song follows a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge structure, and we’re totally stumped with what to put after the second chorus. It could be something like the bridge of Telescope by Cage The Elephant, or maybe a Coldplay-style piano outro. We’re not really sure, and it’s halted any progress on this song for a while. Whatever the case, we really like this one and it adds a lot of diversity to our catalogue. Super excited about it!

UPDATE April 2022: We figured out the bridge lol


These past few weeks
Or has it been a year?
I’ve observed that either way
Everything will turn out alright
It will turn out alright
The world still spinning round and round
Even when we’re gone

In 2029
In 2029


No demos for this song yet. Sorry 🙁

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Has not been played live yet, but it probably will be pretty soon.