a Scrapped track

Kickstand Sinatra

the story

Our first “song” was called Kickstand Sinatra, from back when we were called Chorduroy. It consisted of David playing B-A-G-F# bar chords with the Smells Like Teen Spirit strumming pattern because he had just figured out what bar chords were, and Ryan playing a four on the floor drum beat. There was no bass or vocals. We were really excited about it at the time, but as Ryan says, “We didn’t know where to go with it because it was garbage.” We recorded it using Audacity on David’s laptop, and just that short sub-minute song took hours to record.

We remember having a bass riff to go after the short intro we recorded, but nothing beyond that. David sent Keegan a demo of the song way before he joined the band, and he thought it was awesome. (Or at least he said he did) Keegan has no memory of this occurring, but David and Ryan remember it. Proof below.

It was never technically completed. Maybe someday for fun we’ll finish it.

keegan haring kickstand sinatra apr 5 2017 (3)




The first recording we ever made! There also existed a longer version with a poorly-edited extension of the drums and a little bass riff, but it’s probably lost to time.

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This song has never been performed live. Maybe we’ll play it as a joke someday.