a Scrapped track

Feral Dogs

the story

Our first complete song was Feral Dogs. David came up with a simple power chord shape riff and used his loop pedal to put some lead guitar over it. He remembers Googling “what notes go with C power chord.” Problem was, we didn’t have two guitarists at the time, so we had to play the song with the loop pedal to get the lead guitar in there. Neither Ryan nor David had their sense of tempo developed at the time, so it was kind of a nightmare. David had to spend about 10 minutes at the start of every practice getting a good loop so we could play it.

The song was heavily inspired by Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse, since David was listening to a lot of that album at the time. It even originally started without the short power chord into – straight into the crash, like Ocean Breathes Salty does. The lyrics were about how the news is always such a downer, and they sucked. According to David, “The main thing I remember about writing the song is that I tried really hard to make it not have a verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure, but I could never figure it out.” We all thought the outro was the best part of the song. It took us about 4 months to finish it, which is way longer than it takes us to write a song these days.

Now, David thinks the song is okay, but the lyrics are the worst part and it’s not very original. The drumming and structure are pretty lame too. Ryan says, “Now, it’s not that great and we’ve definitely stepped up.” We also rip off Modest Mouse in a few spots, like almost directly lifting the riff from The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box before the chorus. It doesn’t even fit at all.

Sometimes David and Ryan talk about playing it again for fun. We think it could be alright if we cleaned it up a tad.

Here’s our old drawing of the structure of the song. This might have been an early version of it, we don’t really know.

original feral dogs blocks feb 17 2017 (2)


[Verse 1]
After getting my required dose of nicotine for the day
I spot something in the black box I call home
I see a silhouette in the reflection, an image of a man with no intention
Of believing that there’s any good left in this world

It seems like we are spiraling downward, negative voices in my head
And strangely, they sound just like the anchors on channel 10
Everything is different now that nothing has changed
I’m stuck with my head in the sand and I don’t know what to do
So I say

Hey! What has this world come to?

[Verse 2]
Everything was better in the previously previous age
At least that’s what all these experts seem to say
I don’t understand the problems, and I don’t understand the solutions
That all the feral dogs bark into my ears

I can’t think for myself
All the words in my head just get drowned out

We don’t need any of this
I miss the days when I was a kid, heeeyyyy-oh
Now the windows are open but invisible doors made of screaming and fighting are stopping the ticking of time


This is the first recording of us playing the intro and first verse to the song with our original vocalist on February 18, 2018.

Here’s a recording of the first time we played the original version of song all the way through, a couple days later. No bridge or outro in this one.

Here is the last known recording of us playing this song on April 11, 2018. This is the final version of the song.

(If this doesn’t load for you, reload the page. Idk why it does that lol)


Only a select few people have heard this live, from a show we played to a couple friends in David’s bonus room. (You know who you are) We messed it up pretty bad, but then again we always did.