a Scrapped track

Feeling Yourself Melt

the story

This song has been around for a while, sitting in an unfinished state for over a year. David originally made a demo (available on this page) when he first got FL Studio. He decided to write and record something quick just to test out the program, and ended up calling it Fargo. He wrote it in about 20 minutes or so and didn’t think much of it, since it was just a test of the new program. But when he showed it to Ryan, he ended up really liking it and convinced David to continue writing it.

Eventually, Fargo turned into Feeling Yourself Melt in April 2022. The song took on a new vibe and completely changed with the addition of a killer new chorus. This one was influenced a lot by songs like Jeff Rosenstock’s Perfect Sound Whatever and Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #3, both songs that feel “huge.”

Almost the entire song uses one of David’s favorite techniques, which is cutting out the fourth chord in the progression and going with a three-bar progression instead. Same thing we used in January and a couple spots in Pariah.

That new chorus completely changed the game and turned the song into a lot more than just a test for FL Studio. The most recent demo (not available here yet) was also the first demo recorded using our new recording gear, so it’s the first one that actually sounds good.

This one likely won’t ever actually get released. We’ve since changed direction with our sound, and this wouldn’t really match the vibe of the rest of the album we’re working on. Still a good song, but not one of our faves anymore.

David’s girlfriend loves this one, though.


It hurt for just a moment but then you speak
Pins, needle drop, a shivering shivaree
Feeling all the blinks of the eye
Brushes of fingers, nobody says goodbye
Kalopsia, the thick of it gone
A trillion faces, and the skin and the bones push on
For the first time you’re living
Yeah you’re living
You’re alive

When you’re writing poems, when you’re doing show and tell
When you’re covered up in bubbles, when you’re feeling yourself melt
When you’re drawing pictures, when you’re magnifying cells
When you’re passing on the letters, when you’re feeling yourself melt

Shiver in the back of your throat
Shiver in the torso, shivering antidote
That feeling of the fever you hate
Vaccuum your insides, vaccuum out all that weight
And they sing, “so long and thanks for all the fish,” oh lord
For the first time, you’re living
Yeah you’re living
You’re alive

When you’re drinking glasses when you’re celebrating hell
When you’re savoring the moment, when you’re feeling yourself melt
When you’re law abiding when you’re growing up so well
When you’re writing off your taxes, when you’re feeling yourself melt
When you’re moving boxes when you’re working till the bell
When you’re willingly arriving, when you’re feeling yourself melt
When you’re at the doctor, when you’re stapling your will
When you’re almost there you say it’s not our fault

It’s not our fault


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We just played this for the first time at Treefort 2023! People really seemed to like it. It’s a great closer, so we were all excited to finally be able to move Apocalypse Hill somewhere else in the set.