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Downcoast puts the “rock” in “alt-psych-surf-indie-punk-progressive rock.” No single genre bounds their abstract melting pot of influences, rendering each track an exhilarating and colorful ride from start to finish.

The band prides themselves on their adventurous sonic style, often defying standard song structures entirely in favor of “whatever sounds best.” Known for their eclectic and highly choreographed live shows (except for the first ones, those sucked), Downcoast has gained a small but loyal following in their hometown of Boise, Idaho.

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The band’s debut EP, Film Run Backwards, released on August 27, 2021 after a long and arduous production process beginning in March 2020.

After a year-long hiatus from the studio for COVID safety, Downcoast returned to finish the EP with three new songs under their belt. The result is an EP that logs the progression of an unprecedented year and a half in human history.

The band also enjoys trips to Costa Vida and the occasional noise complaint.

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david bridgeman

Vocals // Guitar // Keyboards

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keegan bridwell

Vocals // Bass

Meet the band

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ashleigh cisario

Guitar // Cool Hats

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ryan deloria

Drums // Arizona Tea