Live at the Shrine Basement – 10/15/23

October 15, 2023

the story

Loved this show!!!

This was our second show with the TV up on stage, and it went a lot smoother. No audio feedback from the camera this time!

We did a couple fun things here that we haven’t done before:

  • Worldwide debut of brand new song “February,” which to the average listener may sound like January but we’re playing it a half step up. Little do they know!
  • American hero Michael joins us on stage to beta test the brand-new Nintendo game, “The Legend of Zelda.”
  • Downcoast finally covers Black Sabbath, which had been requested by the Idaho Governor’s Office no less than 73 times!
  • Ashleigh finally sings for the first time ever.

Great crowd at this show. Lots of friends and lots of people who had never seen us before. It seemed like people really liked Ahhh!!! Real Serpents, which is so great to see. We’re really proud of that song. There were a lot of people dancing to Apocalypse Hill too, as always. That’s consistently the highlight of the set – not really sure if we’ll ever stop playing that song.

David had a rough go of it for the first few songs though. First off, he drank a tequila sunrise right before going on stage, making the classic mistake of giving himself heartburn when he was supposed to be singing. You’ll see he was off-key in HT&BA. Also, he lost his wireless transmitter for his guitar RIGHT before the show, so he kept stepping on his cable since he wasn’t used to having one on his guitar. When the guitar cuts out mid-song, you know why.

We’re really excited that we truly feel like we’re improving with every show. Each one has been better than the last for the last several shows we’ve played, and we’re really excited to continue that trend. There’s still so much room for improvement, and we’re really trying to get to the point where we finally feel 100% confident in our shows.

This was our first time at the Shrine Basement, too. Awesome venue! Can’t wait to play here again.


Here, There, and Back Again (with stage swap bridge)

Marauder (version 2.08)

February (January but it’s a half step up) (with Claire on the tambourine)

The Legend of Zelda Theme

Dinner at Barkham’s (feat. Nintendo Entertainment System) (Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral” outro)

Ahhhh!!! Real Serpents (with corporate intervention intro)

Seven and Seven Is (Love cover)

Apocalypse Hill (with guitar swap bridge and DC riffs outro)

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