Live at The Shredder with MILLY – 12/8/22

December 8, 2022

the story

This was our second show for Duck Club! What a great time. The sound up on stage has massively improved since the last time we played The Shredder. (We couldn’t hear the vocals for the first two songs or so, but after that it was perfect) We opened for Porcelain Tongue and MILLY, both of whom were amazing and played much tighter than us. It’s really inspiring to see bands like them get up on stage after us and play like such professionals. We’ll be there someday.

David messed up Here, There, and Back Again once again. No surprise there. And Keegan’s pedals crapped out halfway through the set so his bass was intermittently turning off. But other than that, it was pretty good! There was a fairly large crowd there, which was really neat.

David also left his pedalboard at the venue and didn’t realize until he got home. So he drove all the way back downtown and got there just in time as the Shredder guy was packing up to get his board back. He’s getting a whole new board soon anyway, but it would have sucked to have lost all that stuff.

Also, we got to see some old friends there from high school that none of us had hung out with in a long time. It was really amazing to have some old friends show up to our gig. We always appreciate when people do that. You guys are the best.



Dinner at Barkham’s (with Scooby Doo “Spooky Space Kook” intro and Naked Giants’ “Green Fuzz” outro)

January (with tambourine)

Here, There, and Back Again (with Here, There, and Back Again tape intro)

2029 (with Built to Spill’s “Carry The Zero” intro)

Apocalypse Hill (with DC riffs outro)


other acts

Porcelain Tongue