Live at CRLB with Sunfish & Crush The Monster

January 15, 2023

the story

Our first show at CRLB! We absolutely loved this venue. What an amazing place. Such a comfy place to play at. Big crowd at this one too! This was one of our best shows yet. We know we say that after every show, but it’s true. We just keep getting better. That’s why you have to come to every single one of our shows. It’s gonna be better every time.

We only had 30 minutes to play at this one, so we rehearsed this set like a well-oiled machine. We ended up playing an almost EXACTLY 30 minute long set – 30:30 to be exact. At the very end Keegan broke the venue’s disco ball with his bass by accident. Luckily we were still invited back to play another show in June so it seems our transgressions against the state were forgiven.

We debuted a cover of “Seven and Seven Is” by Love, which is a song Keegan had been trying to get us to play for a really long time. It got us to listen to their album Forever Changes, which is absolutely stunning. Highly recommend. We played this song about a million times before the set because it’s so much fun to play – great vintage vibes. Gives David the perfect chance to flip the spring reverb on his amp up to max.

Keegan used David’s sawed-in-half old pedalboard as his board for this show, sawdust and all. It didn’t even have supports on one side of the thing, so it sat at an angle on the floor.

Everybody else at this show absolutely killed it. Sunfish was an absolute joy to see live, especially their song “Bad.” Go check that one out – it was the inspiration for one of our new songs. Shhhhh.

Crush The Monster also put on an absolutely mind-blowing show. The transformation they’ve gone through as a band is nothing short of incredible. One of the best bands in Boise right now, if not the best. They’re the kind of band that inspires us to be like them someday. Cam is the homie and an unbelievable musician.

This one was just such a blast, and our favorite show yet. We can’t wait to come back to the venue and play another one. And Evan killed it on the tambourine once again. What a legend.

We also forgot to say we had merch at any point during the set, or even set it out anywhere. Classic Downcoast mistake.


Dinner at Barkham’s (with hang ending)

Here, There, and Back Again (with The Magician’s Monologue! intro)

2029 (with band introductions)

January (with Evan Zurilgen on tambourine)

Seven and Seven Is (Love cover)

Apocalypse Hill (with DC riffs outro)


other acts

Crush The Monster


White Hot Velvet